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Coastal Bay Girls Softball League


Coastal Bay Girls Softball League has been following State and County guidelines to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.  We have a regular routine and safely avoid Covid by doing the following;
*follow procedures posted at McEvoy field.
*Avoid coming to practices or games if experiencing any Covid like symptoms.
*try to maintain 3- 6 feet apart during practice.  
*food is not allowed on the field during practice.
In addition, we have a sanitation station for hand washing and hand sanitizer.  

We have postings onsite to ensure and remind all players and parents of ways to continue to follow these guidelines.  The following is posted: 

* San Diego County Youth Sports Physical Distancing and Safety Plan Practice and Drills (Youth Sports Protocol)
* 6 feet apart posters
* Safe Reopening Plan
* Procedures and Guide to avoid Covid 19

The following Form is also 'Required' to be acknowledged online when enrolling your Player.....

Parent & Player Commitment Form to prevent COVID-19

By acknowledging this form and participating in the this program, you must confirm that you and your child will abide by the most current guidelines of the County of San Diego Public Health Order. The Following guidelines are based on the San Diego Youth Sports Physical Distancing and Safety Plan for Practices and Drills, and may change during the season. Please be aware that our ability to continue to practice on City of San Diego fields depends on your compliance with all these requirements. 

  •  You attest that you and your child have reviewed the attached document that identifies ways to prevent the Spread of COVID-19. 
  • You understand that our use of the fields is limited to practice and drills. 
  • You understand that practices will be organized in stable groups of 12 participants. There will be no interaction (i.e. scrimmaging) between different stable groups. Per the County protocols your child must remain in their assigned stable group throughout the program. 
  • You attest that you will not send your child to practice if their temperature is above 100° F or if they have COVID-19 symptoms based on CDC guidelines.
  • You attest that if your child has displayed COVID-19 symptoms, you will not allow them to return to practice until they have tested negative for COVID-19 and provide a medical professional’s clearance; or at least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms, and at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (no fever without the use of fever reducing medication). 
  • You are encouraged to drop off your child at the beginning of practice and return at the end of practice to pick them up. If you stay in the park, you must remain outside of the enclosed field and practice social distancing from other parents. 
  • Participants that are not from the same household may not carpool to and from practice. You attest that you and your child will refrain from unnecessary physical contact with others, including hugs, high fives, and fist pumps which are not permitted per the County protocols. 
  • You and your child will sanitize your hands at the beginning, middle and end of practice. The team will provide sanitation stations, but request that each player bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Equipment bags must be kept within the area for each stable group, and each bag must be 6 feet from each other. 
  •  Participants must bring enough water as drinking fountains will not be available. 

 Thank you for your understanding and patience.  These are important guidelines to help keep us all safe and well.
Respectfully, Coastal Bay Girls Softball


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